Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies is the umbrella organization of 760 recruiting agencies in Nepal. It's primary aim is to ensure the safe migration by defending the rights of both the workers and member organizations. It is uniting the members and building the capacity with various sensitization and interaction program for making this sector dignified and professional.  It has also formulated the Code of Conduct in order to oblige the member agencies to work under the set guidelines for combating anomalies and unhealthy competition in the foreign employment sector.


As a key stakeholder in the foreign employment industry, the NAFEA has been consistently lobbying  and advocating for policy-level reforms like signing labour pacts a and the Memorandum of Understanding to protect the rights of the Nepali migrant workers.


In the backdrop of rising exodus of Nepali women for overseas job, the NAFEA has been coordinating with other stakeholders to ensure safe migration of women. It has been closely working with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders for protection and promotion of workers’ rights from the grassroots to national level. The association has been frequently holding the National Consultations, sensitization programs, roundtables conferences and awareness campaigns and public rally, exhibition, interaction program and disseminating information via media to achieve its goal.


NAFEA had made required contribution on the behalf of recruiting companies in drafting the Foreign Employment Act 2007 and Regulation 2008, the laws that govern the foreign employment sector in the country.

NAFEA has been making relentless efforts to raise awareness among the member agencies and migrant workers through publication and continuous distributions of IEC materials containing information and facts on safe migration, concerns of workers and the Code of Conduct.


Moreover, it’s tirelessly working to promote rights based journalism by holding various interaction and sensitization program with both the electronic and print media. The issues of safe migration have started to get unprecedented priority in the Nepali media.

NAFEA had also organized an interaction program with the Ambassadors of the major labour receiving countries and discussed on various issues concerning rights of Nepali migrant workers and adopting transparent and systematic recruitment procedure.




In this era of globalization migration is the regular phenomenon and Nepal hasn’t been left out of these practices. Cross border movements of migrants including women have been remarkable in recent days.  The major causes of migration are aspiring better livelihood opportunities, employment, family surviving responsibilities and also escaping the social gender discrimination. 

In Nepal Foreign Employment has played a significant role towards nation for the past decade to sustain the country’s economy during the conflict era and aftermath.  There was a wider realization of the contribution of foreign employment and Remittance in the sustenance of the conflict miserable economy of Nepal. The recruiting agencies have been playing a significant role in facilitating the foreign labor migration process in Nepal. However, there is a lack in attention and sensitization towards this sector for promoting safe migration.


Currently, per day approximately 1500 people are leaving the country  for seeking the employment in international job market. Similarly, Migrant Workers are also joining the same force. NAFEA had the opportunity to reaffirm its commitments towards the issues of migrant women workers and has reflected it in the Covenant of Ethical Conduct and Good Practices of Overseas Employment Service Providers. As a result a code of conduct was drafted and was adopted by its General Assembly.  The issues of workers are incorporated in the election manifesto of NAFEA and concerns of migrant workers are rising in the rallies and fair that it has been organizing. Together,NAFEA has conducted series of orientation to the member on the issues of Gender and migration. It has also organized interaction program with journalist to establish the right based and investigative journalism. Besides, Developing IEC material on safe migration has also supported to sensitize the issues of safe migration to the member organizations.

 However, NAFEA felt the necessity for further initiation to promote safe migration, conducting the various categories sensitization program on Radio, FM and TV ensuring security of the migrant workers so, NAFEA will be conducting the sensitization program focusing to the migrant workers ensuring the social responsibility. It will also cover the issues of advocating the migrant workers. It is also required to disseminate Act and Regulation at a larger scale and awareness raising program through developing IEC materials.  Through these programs NAFEA and concerned department will proactively commit towards the issues of migrant workers and safe migration. 


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