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Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA)

  • Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA)

    Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies-NAFEA is the umbrella organization of 853 recruiting agencies in Nepal. It's primary aim is to ensure the safe migration by defending the rights of both the workers and member organizations. It is uniting the members and building the capacity with various sensitization and interaction program for making this sector dignified and professional. It has also formulated the Code of Conduct in order to oblige the member agencies to work under the set guidelines for combating anomalies and unhealthy competition in the foreign employment sector. As a key stakeholder in the foreign employment industry, the NAFEA has been consistently lobbying and advocating for policy-level reforms like signing labour pacts a and the Memorandum of Understanding to protect the rights of the Nepali migrant workers.

    Message from President

    Message from President

    I am delighted to have this golden opportunity to serve Nepalese Recruiting Agencies, Migrant Workers and Job Seekers as an elected president of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies NAFEA for 2019 to 2021 AD.

    In the global labor market millions of people are moving from one city & country to another in search of better work with attractive salaries. About 500,000 job seekers come to the labor market every year and among them almost 400,000 people are being migrated to 183 countries for employment every year. Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies NAFEA is an umbrella organization of 853 Nepalese Recruitment Agencies. NAFEA has a long history of 35 years to provide safe foreign employment to Nepali youths going for foreign employment. NAFEA will always be at the forefront for the welfare and advancement of entrepreneurs and workers and will always be active in making the foreign employment sector more organized.


    Bishnu Prasad Gaire                                                                                                                

    Nepal at a Glance

    “The Secretariat is at the center of NAFEA, responsible for the Organization’s smooth and efficient operation.

    Specifically, the Secretariat is charged with:

    Liaising, communicating with and providing a range of services to members and corporate partners;

    Maintaining and building relationships with Ministry of Labor & Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment and officials, and with other National/International organizations;

    Raising awareness and enhancing the image of NAFEA with interest groups, the media, think tanks, academia and the public in general.

    The Secretariat team is small but efficient, passionate, dedicated and versatile in its delivery of services. It provides members and corporate partners with access to a wealth of experience and expertise, concentrated in a multicultural and multilingual team

    Nepal at a Glance

    Nepal at a Glance

    The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state in South Asia surrounded by two giant nations- China in the North and India in the South.
    With an area of 147,181 square kilometer and a population of approximately 26.49 million, this Himalayan nation is renowned for its cultural and linguistic diversity. The country is home to more than 59 distinct indigenous communities. Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions in Nepal and with existing religious tolerance different groups worship each other’s deities, observe festivals, traditional costumes and rites of both religious group in Nepal. Other religions practiced in Nepal include Islam, Jain and Christianity.
    Nepali is the common language and widely spoken in Nepal. However, different ethnic groups boast their own dialect like Magar, Tamang, Tharu, Gurung, Newari, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Rai, Limbu and Sherpa etc. English is less spoken across the country but it’s increasingly becoming popular among urban youths.
    The most common greeting in Nepal is “Namaste” when people join their palms and smile is a gesture of friendliness together with welcoming to host everywhere in the country. Nepalese are remembered for their honesty, bravery, and hospitality. They are always willing to welcome new faces and make friends from all around the world.
    Although Nepal is an agricultural country, tourism is the major source for foreign income. The country is famous for its Nature-Eco Tourism as landscapes from South to North variants from 72m to 8848m above sea level. The popular Sherpas and Gurkhas famous around the world originate from Nepal.
    Many Nepalese are working on various capacities in both the developed and developing nations around the world as skilled, managerial and semi-skilled and unskilled catagory. This is the major source for Nepal’s economy as it brings hefty amount of remittance from the foreign countries.
    Nepalese workers are traditionally known for their hard work, habitual industriousness, and unflinching loyalty sense of responsibility, discipline, devotion and duties.
    Nepalese workers are peace loving, adjustable to various conditions and have a natural sense of humor.
    They also have sense of equality and expect the same treatment from their employers. The Nepalese have proven their capacity to work and sustain in all kinds of weather condition and environment.
    There are wider choices of available skilled and semi-skilled manpower in Nepal pertaining to all services and work fields.
    By nature, Nepalese workers are accustomed to the principle of "More work and less talk".

    Quick Reference of Nepal

    Area: - 147,181 Sq. Km. (Land: - 1,36,800 Sq. Km., Water: - 11,000 Sq.Km.)
    3L (Location/Latitude/Longitude): - North China to South, East and West-India / 26°12' and 30°27’ North / 80°4’ and 88°12’ East.

    Capital: - Kathmandu
    Population / People: - 26.49 million / 101 Ethnic Groups having 92 Spoken Languages.
    Topography: - From the world's deepest gorge, Kaligandaki to highest point on earth the Everest.
    Weather: - Climate Range from tropical in the low lands to artic in higher altitudes.
    Season: - Summer (Mar-May) 22°C - 36°C, Monsoon (Jun-Aug) 18°C -30°C, Autumn (Sep-Nov) 10°C - 18°C, Winter (Dec-Feb) -3°C - -15°C.
    Time: - 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT.
    Terrain: - South-Terai and Flat river plan of the gangas / Central: - Hill Region / North: - Rugged Himalayas.
    Land: - Useable land: - 17%, Permanent Crops - 0%, Permanent Pastures - 15%, Forest and Woodland - 42%, Other - 26%, Irrigated Land 8,500 Sq. Km.
    Natural Resources: - Quartz, Water, Timber, NTFP, Hydropower, Scenic Beauty, Small Depots Lignite, Copper, Cobalt, Iron etc.
    Geography Note: - Landlocked, Strategic location between China and India and contains eight of the world's highest peak, including Mount Everest on the border with china, which is the world's tallest.
    Famous For: - As land of Mount Everest, Birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and symbol of peace and land of the brave Gurkhas.


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